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  • Suzhou City Langchuanfu Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Company Introduction
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    Suzhou City Langchuanfu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in beautiful Suzhou ancient city moat side,  She is a technology company which has rich textile technology experience, many years specialized engaged in textile products and textile equipments.  She commits herself to textile material, textile products, textile equipments and machinery spare parts researching and developing, consulting, sales and technology service over a long period of time.
    Company's technology strength is strong, accumulates many years experience in textile industry. after more than 20 years assimilation, continuously developing and improving, steadily develop  textile machinery and textile machinery spare parts , second hand textile machinery and textile products import and export business.  It has possessed the ability of total solution for some certain area, her customers are able to highly increase the efficiency and get high value returning.
    All of the products of this company are stable and perfect, are all according to the orientation of middle and high level requirements to produce and purchase,  the accuracy of manufacturing can meet  the customers' requirements. Due to bulk production and purchasing, the cost greatly reduced, and our company always insists on the managing thoughts of both sides win, at the precondition of quality assuring, the price will have much better competition.
    Company is able to supply professional repairing and technology service, can supply and repair kinds of machinery spare parts, and also can supply textile machinery part  final assembly parts, and can also reconstruct the workshop according to customers’ detailed requirements.  
    Company has more than seven hundred faithful customers all over the world , and establish long term friendly cooperation relationship, and has the complete cooperation relationship with several large  enterprises, and is highly appreciated by customers, meanwhile develops the export market including East Asia, Europe and America etc.
    We sincerely wait for you to cooperate with us and together initiate glorious future.

    Address:Hongyun Technology Building, No. 280, Renmin Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China  |  Telephone:+86-512-68125280  |  Fax:+86-512-68125281  |  E-mail:info@langchuanfu.com
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