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  • Suzhou City Langchuanfu Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
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    overseas sales representative
    above college
    India, Turkey, Vietnam
    Fully job
    Jun.26th, 2020
    Expiry date:
    Jun.30th, 2021

    1.Good level, able to keep conversations with GM in English;
    2. Previous experience in sales department of a company dealing with spinning mill is preferred;
    3. It would be highly desirable a previous experience in sales department of a company making or dealing with spinning spare parts;
    4. Willing to travel extensively to develop new customers and dealers;
    5. Mentally prepared to face and cope with difficult situations and demanding targets;
    1.Help to prepare and translate the promotional and technical material, like: catologues, website, technical manuals, etc.  in local languages;
    2. Travel extensively for the promotion and development of spinning machine spare parts overseas;
    3. Lead the development of company’s Distribution Channel and Dealer Network. Follow-up of OEMs and end users projects
    4. Control and manage the sales distribution network in the interest of the company, the brand and the customers。
    5. Make particular quotation and instruction book to different clients;
    6. Control payments' lead time from customers, to avoid the company suffers from overdue payments
    7. Help to arrange and take part in exhibitions and promotion tours

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